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Streaming: Lecco vs. Parma Live 12/11/2023 Sport

If you want to watch the live match between Lecco and Parma today on TV, simply follow the next steps: ... You can watch all Atzsport matches today on TV, PC, ...

Compared to their competitor, Parma Calcio is currently leading by sixteen positions at the upper part of the table; and since Calcio Lecco's performance in the league isn't as great (currently they're on the 17th position), this could be an fairly easy match for them. The lineup In short, here are the probable lineups for the upcoming match. Manager Emiliano Bonazzoli will probably use the following lineup for this match: • Goalkeeper: Riccardo Melgrati • Defenders: Vedran Celjak, Alessandro Bianconi, Alessandro Caporale, Davide Guglielmotti • Midfield: Franco Lepore, Alessandro Sersanti, Artur Ionita, Giovanni Crociata • Attack: Nicolo Buso, Andrija Novakovich Parma Calcio will probably be playing using the following players: • Goalkeeper: Leandro Chichizola • Defenders: Enrico Del Prato, Alessandro Circati, Botond Balogh, Gianluca Di Chiara • Midfielders: Nahuel Estevez, Adrian Bernabe • Forward line: Dennis Man, Tjas Begic, Antonio Colak, Ange Bonny The confirmed lineups will be available one hour before kickoff on Oddspedia. Watch Lecco vs Parma Live Stream (12/11/2023) | ATZSport If you want to watch the live match between Lecco and Parma today on TV, simply follow the next steps: You can watch all Atzsport matches today on TV, PC, ... Although there's no final lineup yet, it is likely that Emiliano Bonazzoli will put Nicolo Buso and Andrija Novakovich at the front of his 4-3-3 formation, followed by Franco Lepore, Alessandro Sersanti, Artur Ionita and Giovanni Crociata in the midfield. The defense might consist of Vedran Celjak, Alessandro Bianconi, Alessandro Caporale and Davide Guglielmotti, while Riccardo Melgrati will try to prevent Parma Fc of scoring goals. Martin Turk, Edoardo Corvi, Cristian Ansaldi, Woyo Coulibaly, Vasilios Zagaritis, Simon Sohm, Antoine Hainaut, Drissa Camara, Hernani, Adrian Benedyczak, Gabriel Charpentier and Mohamed Anas Haj will stay ready to fill in if needed. Which team to bet on? Placing bets on soccer matches requires a keen knowledge of past playing history, player lineups and how many goals are predicted. Before placing your bet, you may wish to consider the below facts: Calcio Lecco 1912 wins 1st half in 23% of their matches, Parma Calcio in 47% of their matches. Calcio Lecco 1912's home record this season: 0-1-4. Calcio Lecco 1912 have played 5 home matches in a row without winning. When Calcio Lecco 1912 is down 0-1 home, they win 22% of their matches. As the team's substitute players the manager might choose Umberto Saracco, Luca Marrone, Matteo Battistini, Brayan Boci, Francesco Donati, Mats Leentje Lemmens, Duccio Degli Innocenti, Vittorio Agostinelli, Joshua Tenkorang, Giorgio Galli, Lorenzo Pinzauti, Mattia Tordini and Umberto Eusepi. Parma Calcio's defense will probably consist of Enrico Del Prato, Alessandro Circati, Botond Balogh and Gianluca Di Chiara, who will help goalkeeper Leandro Chichizola to prevent Calcio Lecco from scoring. At the front of the field, Dennis Man, Tjas Begic, Antonio Colak and Ange Bonny will try to score goals, while Nahuel Estevez and Adrian Bernabe will form the midfield. As formation, they might choose a 4-4-2 lineup. Lecco vs Parma 11.11.2023 – Stream and VODs - Football Highlights and livestreams of Serie B 2023/24 football fixture between Lecco and Parma. Best place to watch the 11.11.2023 match of Parma vs. Lecco. Calcio Lecco vs Parma » Predictions, Odds, Live Scores & StreamsAs many as 4997 fans will be watching this match of the 13th matchday between Parma Calcio and Calcio Lecco 1912, which is taking place on Sunday the 12th November. The game will take place in the Stadio Rigamonti Ceppi in Lecco. As both teams have never played against one another, everyone's excited to see how this match will end. Players might have a tough time, sincetemperatures could reach 3°C that day. Precipitation could also be a challenge, since chances for clear are quite high. Lecco vs Parma live stream and lineups Watch Lecco vs Parma live stream, match start at 15:15 on Nov 12, 2023 in Italy and standing, H2H, timeline, stats and lineups.


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