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Cinematic Strings Cinematic Strings 2 With __TOP__ Crack 37

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Cinematic Strings Cinematic Strings 2 With __TOP__ Crack 37

Zithergeist is a unique instrument for cinematic composition: whether you want to create minimal dark melodies or heavenly arpeggios, piercing high frequency tones or emotional chord progressions , cinematic droning effects, eastern-reminiscent melodies or adrenalinic rhythmical sequences, Zithergeist offers you an arsenal of instruments and editing possibilities.

Ever wished to own all these incredible vintage string machines, organs and vocoders from the 70s and 80s Now you can: VPS Avenger "String Machines" is here! Manuel Schleis himself dedicated the last years in collecting and deep-sampling all these original beautis. All samples have been taken from the real vintage gear, no compromises! Avengers Macro section is simulating the most important things you can do with the original synthesizer: Blend in different strings or organ registers, turn on the (real sampled) ensemble or tremolo effects or change other settings like filters or sustain modes. You can control everything which made these classics unique. All together this huge expansion consists of over 50 machines and over 14.500 single wav files, all perfectly looped of course. A masterpiece of a kind and a true time capsule of an entire era!

Attention, some wonderful art of sound incoming: Melancholia vol. 1 is here and delivers the best cinematic, ambient, chillout, lounge and trance textures & atmospheres you can find. Professional pianist and producer Alan Morris created this outstanding expansion pack, full of emotions and feelings, of surprises, true gems and masterful compositions - this is one of a kind! Similar to our Atmospherica expansion packs, this expansion makes a lot use of granular synthesis and will be the heart and center of your track. Explore dark atmospheres, sad pianos, epic strings, evolving pads and cinematic arcs of suspense. Come and join this exciting trip into sound!

The concert piano - the most versatile and most breathtaking instrument ever made, used in almost any musical genre and decade. Now you have some of the best concert grands at your fingertips in your VPS Avenger! Manuel Schleis puts months of work into this expansion pack, elaborate recordings, laborious multisampling and processing of thousands of samples for up to 23 different velocity zones. You can even setup the string resonances, hammer noises or pedals with the macro buttons. Explore two vastly sampled Steinway grands and a Yamaha concert grand as well as many bonus content like deep cinematic, house and ambient stuff -all done with pianos, a Fender Rhodes MKII54 or even a real harpsichord. Strongly recommended is a 88key masterkeyboard and sustain pedal to get the full experience.

Welcome to the worlds end: "Dystopia I" is here! Manuel Schleis & Andy Hinz did it again with this outstanding piece of art: enjoy 130 cinematic post apocalyptic sounds like evil drones, beautiful texutres, emotional atmospheres, big hollywood drums, adrenaline driven basslines, aggressive distorted tones, alarms, epic choirs, complex risers and a huge set of multisampled natural instruments like guitars, pianos, strings, flutes and many ethnic instruments from all around the world. Explore sound design one of a kind. Furthermore you will get new arp patterns, granular loops, drumkits and 15 (!) new guitar multiloop kits, especially recorded for this expansion. Of course these sounds also make the perfect "high quality embedding" for other genres like Trance, Electro, Ambient or Pop. No matter if there is the zombie apocalypse, the nuclear holocaust, a pandemic or the alien invasion - with this expansion you can face them all.

Ambition is back! Marcel Susenburger did it again: Explore 140 pristine Trance presets in both, outstanding audio and composition quality! Wonderfully programmed arps (also included as 84 new arp patterns), chord progressions, drumkits, rolling basslines, strings, pads, plucks, effects and fine leads


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