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[pretakanje<] NK Olimpija vs NŠ Mura v živo 12.11.2023

NK Olimpija domuje na stadionu Stožice. 2023 — [Šport TV-] Al Hilal Gorica in prenosi v živo online 11 juli[[TV V ŽIVO>]] Olimpija vs Domžale živo online 12 ...

The team's manager will likely decide that these players will be substitutes: Florijan Raduha, Gaber Dobrovoljc, Ziga Kous, Almin Kurtovic, Proleta, Domijan, Tilen Scernjavic, Luka Turudija, Nikola Jovicevic, Niko Kasalo, Ivan Saric, Mihajlo Spasojevic. Don't know whom to bet on? There are some things to consider! Interpreting winning probabilities requires a keen eye for details as well as an appreciation of past levels of performance. 202020:151:0 2. 000 16H03. 201916:453:1 4. 400 7A24. 08. 201920:151:1 4. 900 18/19 35A22. 201916:551:0 1. 300 26H11. 201918:000:0 3. 500 17A23. 201820:152:2 8. 800 8H16. 201816:000:2 5. 000 12/13 31A04. 201316:002:1 500 22H13. 201315:000:4 500 13A06. 10. 201218:003:1 1. 500 Pokal Slovenije Round of 16H19. 201216:000:3 1. 200 4H05. 201218:001:2 2. 500 11/12 35A17. 201218:003:1 5. 000 26H25. 201215:001:0 2. 500 17A06. Dardan Shabanhaxhaj probably playing–a secure victory for Mura Murska Sobota? As the goalkeeper, manager Zoran Zeljkovic will probably use Denis Pintol, who will be supported by Jorge Silva, Marcel Ratnik, Ahmet Muhamedbegovic and Marko Brest in the defense. Nemanja Motika, Agustin Doffo, Rui Pedro da Silva e Sousa and Admir Bristric will try to put pressure on the oppsoing team and score goals, as will the midfielders Justas Lasickas and Saar Fadida. Zoran Zeljkovic may also choose the following as the team's substitute players: Zan Mauricio, David Sualehe, Ivan Posavec, Marko Mijailovic, Mateo Karamatic, Diogo Pinto, Nemanja Gavirc, Aljaz Krefl, Redi Kasa, Mustafa Nukic, Timi Elsnik, Pedro Lucas. 05. 2024--:- - 25H02. 03. 2024--:- - 16A12. 11. 202317:30-:- - 7H03. 09. 202320:151:3 2. 550 22/23 28H19. 202317:302:1 3. 070 19A08. 12. 202217:300:0 750 10H17. 202220:152:3 2. 800 1A17. 07. 202220:152:0 - 21/22 35A15. 202217:303:3 2. 500 26H10. 202217:303:2 2. 500 17A09. 02. 202217:301:0 750 8H11. 202120:151:0 3. 200 20/21 30H25. 04. 202117:153:0 - 21A14. 202118:302:0 - 12H21. 202017:150:1 - 3A13. 202020:150:0 340 19/20 34H16. 202020:301:1 244 25A08. Aluminij vs Bravo prenos v živo 10 november 2023 prost pred pred 3 dnevi — and Olimpija Ljubljana news and find 2023 Iz NK Bravo v... 2023 — NŠ Mura FC Koper NK Rogaška NK Radomlje NK Olimpija NK Maribor NK Domžale ... When playing at home, Olimpija Ljubljana have not lost to Mura Murska Sobota in their last 16 encounters. Did you know that Mura Murska Sobota scores 29% of their goals between the minutes 16-30? Mura Murska Sobota's last away win against Olimpija Ljubljana was in 2004. When Olimpija Ljubljana is down 0-1 home, they win 22% of their matches. During the last 19 meetings with Olimpija Ljubljana playing at home, Olimpija Ljubljana have won 13 times, there have been 5 draws while Mura Murska Sobota have won 1 times. At least wind shouldn't be a problem, gusts are only expected to reach speeds of 6kmph. The teams' performances so far Real Madrid is now at 3rd place in their group in this tournament. This follows an accumulation of twenty-nine goals after their fourteen matches in the competition. Out of the twenty-nine goals, 9 were scored by Rui Pedro da Silva e Sousa. With fourteen matches playedand five wins, they're currently at the 6th place in their group. So far, they lost six games and managed three draws. They successfully scored seventeen goals and allowed 23. NS Mura - Record vs NK Olimpija LjubljanaRecord vs NK Olimpija Ljubljana This is an overview of the record of the club against other opponents. Use the filters to select a opponent. Record vs... Results since: Competition: Weekday: Venue: Result: Period: - CompactDetailed SeasonCompetitionMatchdayVenueDateTimewappenResultwappenAttendance 23/24 Prva Liga 34A04. Despite the fact that a draw is very unlikely to happen (20. 9%), experts believe that U. Olimpija Ljubljana has increased chances of winning, namely 63. 1%. NK Mura is barely considered for the win. Experts give them a 15. 9% chance to achieve victory. Place your bet once you've also taken these facts into consideration: During the last 40 meetings, Olimpija Ljubljana have won 21 times, there have been 9 draws while Mura Murska Sobota have won 10 times. The goal difference is 68-42 in favour of Olimpija Ljubljana. Olimpija Mura in prenosi v živo online 12 november 2023 Dane pred 3 urami — pred 1 dnevom — 16. Aluminij - Rogaška, Mura - Bravo, O. Prva liga Telemach, 9. krog. (PRETAKANJE#) Olimpija vs Koper in prenosi v živo ... They scored three goals against Mura Murska Sobota, who scored 1. So, Mura Murska Sobota's fans have immense expectations from the team. Thanks to the previous 2 out of 3 match victories against Mura Murska Sobota, Olimpija Ljubljana are expected to win the next match. In the last three matches of the two teams facing each other, Olimpija Ljubljana scored a total of 4 goals while Mura Murska Sobota only scored 3. It's going to be a cold day, with temperatures reaching only 2°C, so players could have a tough time on the field. Precipitation could also be a challenge, since chances for clear are quite high. The goal difference is 37-16 in favour of Olimpija Ljubljana. Olimpija Ljubljana have lost just 1 of their last 5 PrvaLiga games against Mura Murska Sobota. When Olimpija Ljubljana leads 1-0 at home, they win in 94% of their matches. At their next meeting in Ljubljana, both teams will once again have the chance to prove their strength against one another. The match will take place on 04. 05. 2024. NK Olimpija Ljubljana vs NS Mura Oddspedia TipAfter a thorough analysis of stats, recent form and H2H games between NK Olimpija Ljubljana and NS Mura, our Oddspedia algorithm has predicted the following outcome: NK Olimpija Ljubljana - NS MuraMatch DetailsNK Olimpija Ljubljana - NS Mura1. SNL SloveniaDate - 12/11/2023Starting time - 16:30 UTCVenue: Stozice Stadium, Ljubljana, SloveniaNK Olimpija Ljubljana vs NS Mura Best OddsIf you are interested in 1. NK Olimpija vs NŠ Mura in prenosi v živo online 12 november pred 3 urami — NK Olimpija vs NŠ Mura in prenosi v živo online 12 november 2023 Prenos v živo pred 1 dnevom — NS Mura: Live Score, Stream and H2H ... Statistics The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved for this purpose alone cannot usually be used to identify you. NK Olimpija Ljubljana vs NS Mura » Predictions, Odds, Live Scores & StreamsMura Murska Sobota will play against Olimpija Ljubljana on Sunday, the 12th November 2023. The two teams will face off against each other on of the PrvaLiga which is scheduled for 04:30 PM UTC. It was no longer than a year ago, 03. 09. 2023 to be exact, when these teams met each other and played for the big win at the Mesti Stadion Fazanerija in Murska Sobota. Olimpija Ljubljana was victorious during the last game. [[HD V ŽIVO*]^] NK Radomlje NK Rogaška v živo 11 pred 2 dnevoma — 2023 — Rogaška vs Olimpija prenos v živo 1 oktober 2023 vs OLIMPIJA LJUBLJANA. vs NS Mura: Live Score, Stream and H2H... [V ŽIVO#] Rogaška vs ... NŠ Mura rezultat v živo, razpored in statistika igralcev 2023 16:30:00 UTC v PrvaLiga. Ko se tekma začne, boste lahko sledili NK Olimpija Ljubljana vs NŠ Mura rezultatom v živo, razvrstitvam, posodobljenim rezultatom ...


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