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Student Gallery


Aayushi Avabrath 2.5.21.jpeg

March 2021

All artwork is created by the students in our

Weekly Online Classes.


Please click images for artist info and to view full size.

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As you tour this gallery, please take note of the expressions found in every one of these special artworks. Each was uniquely created by students of all ages and backgrounds. Every piece is different and can only be made by the specific student. For this reason, there is not one that is “better” than the other. What we see with our eyes alone is very different from what is felt inside the heart. This is the definition of what our gallery calls, “living art.”

Try to remember that we were all once children. Perhaps it is still in us. Our hope is that we will be reminded of our first love for art and its importance. Let’s search deep within our hearts, it might be just a few dusty crayons away…

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Want Your Art in the Gallery?

Currently enrolled students can ask their teacher in class for details about how to get work in this gallery!

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Derek Wang 09_14_20.jpg
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Interested in Joining Us?

Online Classes are Enrolling Now!

Join us for weekly fine art lessons, all from home! 

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