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If you plan to major or minor in art, you are required to submit your portfolio: a collection of artworks that represent your ability, style, and artistic identity, as part of the college application process. Our Portfolio Program will help refine your artistic voice and align your submissions to meet the standards of top colleges and universities nation-wide.

Applications for the 2023 season are NOW OPEN.

Portfolio Program

Who is Portfolio For?

High School Juniors or Community College Transfers

If you’re interested in a creative career or looking to enhance your college applications, we invite you to join our Portfolio Program. Even if you don’t plan on making art a career, you can still leverage your artistic skills to provide a competitive edge to your applications. If you are creatively oriented, then we have just the program for you!

The Path to Portfolio

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The Goal

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Together with our Portfolio team, you will plan, schedule, and finalize up to 20 pieces that meet the standards of your desired colleges and universities.


The program is customized for every student to develop their independence while collaborating with a special team of Portfolio Instructors. Each assignment is designed to showcase your unique technical and conceptual abilities.

The Schedule

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Portfolio students attend two classes a week, plus guest lectures. Unlike the weekly Basics curriculum, students are also expected to work outside of class and will be given homework.

The amount of work expected outside of class depends on the number of artworks the student intends to include in their portfolio.

Guest lectures take place every few weeks over the summer depending on our guests schedules.

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The Timeline

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The Portfolio Program takes 9 months.


The program begins in March 1st of your junior year of high school and concludes November 30th of your senior year.

The Application

In order to participate in our program, we ask that you complete the application form found on this webpage. In addition to filling out basic information about yourself the application will ask for:

  • 3 artworks that best showcase your technical skills, creativity and/or inspirations

  • A short statement about what you hope to gain in the Portfolio Program (250 words max)

  • A short statement about what kind of art inspires you (250 words max)

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Our Graduates Attend

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...and many more

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