How to begin our In-Person


Acrylic Paint

Step 1

Registration  Form

Please fill out the form below so that we can collect information and get your enrollment started!

Painting Easels

Step 2

Orientation Meeting

Our office Admin will schedule a meeting to review over our COVID-19 Rules & Regulations, as well as our Policy Form.

Paint Tubes

Step 3

Confirm Payment

Once the orientation meeting is completed and the policy form is signed then we can move on to the art supply payment and tuition price.

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In-Person Student Registration Form

Please select the class your student is enrolling in, as well as the start date. 



If a student registered in Lord of the Light's virtual classes recommended you for our Promotional deal, please write their full name below so you can both receive the tuition discount. If you have any questions about the tuition discount, please contact our admin at (408)499-7596.

Thank you for your submission! Our office administrator will be in contact with you to schedule an Orientation meeting. If you have any inquiries you may contact us at (408) 499-7596.

We can't wait to meet you!