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Holiday Mural 2020 in progress_blur.jpg

Holiday Mural 2020

Every year, students from all of LofL's classes come together to create a spectacular collaborative mural to celebrate the holiday season! It reminds us of the love and joy we find when we work together. 

This year our mural was made a little differently, but it is still as warm and joyous as ever! Each student drew a stocking to digitally hang up around our fire place. Every picture was stitched together to create this year's holiday mural!

We hope you can feel the warmth of our fire place and our love during the holidays this year. 

Holiday Mural 2020 new edit2.png

Click image to enlarge (it may take a second to load)


Download our FREE holiday mural postcard to spread some cheer!

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Want Your Art in the Gallery?

Currently enrolled students can ask their teacher in class for details about how to get work in this gallery!

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Derek Wang 09_14_20.jpg
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Interested in Joining Us?

Online Classes are Enrolling Now!

Join us for weekly fine art lessons, all from home! 

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