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[S5E7] Dummy Love

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George attempts to save Stan the dummy. Mark tries to sleep with Cristina, Lexie realizes that she needs to take matters into her own hands if she wants to become an educated doctor and Izzie realizes a connection between a patient at the hospital and herself. Erica leaves Seattle Grace.

Alex paged Izzie to the tunnels. He takes her to the cadavers, which they can use to practice for the solo surgery. He heard she was having a crappy day and thought this could cheer her up. She starts laughing. There are so many dead people in her life today. She walks out as Lexie comes in. She tells Alex these are for interns, but he tells her to go play with the dummy.

Alex and Lexie return to the cadavers, only to discover Bailey in the room. She hopes she's wrong seeing what she's seeing. Bailey says each one of those people was somebody's somebody and loved, so they're responsible to treat them as such. They have to treat them with respect. She tells them to close them up and put them back where they belong.

Izzie is getting ready to change in the dressing room, until she sees Denny sitting next to her. She says he can't be there. She will always love him, but she has to move on. That's why she helped Mike today, so she can stop feeling guilty and move on. Izzie closes her eyes and tells Denny he has to go. Alex, who just sat down, asks go where. He asks if she's okay. She smiles and says she is. She kisses him. She tells him she has to change, but she'll meet him at the bar. Once he's gone, Denny appears behind Izzie again and asks if she's sure she's okay.

Shake torments Meatwad by reading a story written by Rob Zombie. Frylock gets a package with a ventriloquist dummy that wants to "KILL!" The Aqua Teens try multiple ways to kill the dummy but to no avail, he keeps coming back. They resolve to give the killer dummy to Carl. The Killer Dummy makes a discovery and finds love with Carl's dummy who wants people to "DIE!" The dummies start dating and want Frylock's bed to get it on. Master Shake finds a way to profit off their immortality. Meatwad wishes that they were real boys. The next day, Shake's dummies are gone replaced by flesh and blood boy versions of the dummies. Shake proceeds to try to kill them with a battle-axe. Shake ends up in jail and wants Meatwad to wish upon the same star to wish him the f**k out of jail, but Meatwad "don't talk to suckas boy." The dummies talk to Shake on the phone. All they say is "KILL!" and "DIE!" Shake hangs up. "He hung up." "Yeah he hung up."

At the Super Dave Confidence Training Area, Super Dave, accompanied by Donald, receives the "Man of the Year" award from the Academy of Human Performance. Robert Gruenberg juggles a chainsaw, an egg, and an apple. Kathy Walker and Bill Roberts do impersonations of Joan Rivers and Sonny Bono, rounding it off doing Sonny and Cher singing "I Got You Babe". At the Super Dave Vehicle Safety Centre, Super Dave acts as a crash test dummy and drives into a wall to demonstrate the dangers of not buckling up.

At the Super Dave Confidence Training Area, Donald explains how they prevent people escaping from the chambers. Robert Gruenberg juggles three burning chainsaws in a circle of fire. Jakob Armen is supposed to do a drum solo, but he is too scared to come out of his dressing room so little Jakob Armen Jr performs a solo in his place. At the Super Dave Film Stunt Area, Donald shows how a scene of a car being riddled with bullets works, by simply cutting the shot to a dummy car with a dummy driver. The shooting is triggered by saying a secret word.

Super brings up one of his camera cable pullers, William Tyler, who performs a badly done dance routine and magic trick, then does an act with his dummy Lester. Dan Hill sings "Sometimes When We Touch". Super and Fuji give a tour of the new Remote Control Models area, demonstrating boats, cars, and planes. Fuji is flying a remote control Cessna plane, but the sound distracts Super so he asks Fuji to turn it off.



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