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  • How do I schedule an orientation?
    Please contact our admin either by phone (408) 499-7596 or email and ask to schedule an orientation. Once we hear from you, we will schedule a time for us to meet on Zoom to answer your questions and get to know you and your student.
  • How do I schedule a make-up class?
    Please contact our admin at (408) 499-7596 or at and ask about scheduling a make-up class for your student. We will need to know your student's current class, which days of the week and what times your student is free to attend a make-up class. Please have this infomation ready.
  • How old does my child have to be in order to enroll in the online art classes?
    We currently accept students ages 8 years old and up! If your child will be turning 8 years old within a month or so, you are welcome to schedule an orientation with us.
  • Why do I need to schedule an orientation meeting before I start classes?
    We want to get to know you! Meeting with all of our students and parents ahead of time allows us to share more about what we do as a studio as well as see which of our classes are the best fit for your student. We want to take the time to answer any questions you might have, and ensure that you have the best time in art class with us!
  • How will my child receive their art supplies?
    We provide all the art supplies you will need for our classes*. Depending on the distance, we may mail you your art supplies or have our lovely delivery team pack them up and drive them over for you. It is important that you review received supplies and report any missing or damaged items within 10 days in order to not be charged for replacements. *Portfolio Program not included.
  • How many students are in a class?
    We have about 4-7 students per class depending on the age and level of the students.
  • Can both of my children be in the same online art class?
    No. If you have more than one student in our classes, they must attend class at different times of day. This will avoid straining your internet connection as well as provide a better environment for your students to focus.
  • Am I allowed to unenroll my child whenever I want?
    Any student may unenroll at the end of each month. "Unenrollment" forms must be submitted to our admin 30 days before the last class your student will attend. Example: My student would like to leave by the end of May, so I must submit an "Unenrollment" form on May 1st in order for my last class to be May 30th.
  • If I do not live in California, will I still be able to take the online classes?"
    Yes! We are based near San Jose, CA and our class times are listed in PST/PDT (Pacific Standard/Daylight Time) but if you can make our class times, you are welcome to join us. The cost of shipping your art supplies will depend on the size of the delivery and your distance from us.
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